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Best Interior designer in India

your interior design expresses that which can not put into words and which can not remain silent !!!

Payal Kapoor: Best interior designer in India

After graduation from the Interiors School in 1987, the Executive Director of Manasara, one of the leading Interior Design Houses in the country, handpicked her. After getting sufficient exposure at Manasara, she was offered a challenging opportunity by the promoters of “Dream City” and was appointed by them as senior advisor of their design firm “Craftsmen”. The projects by this firm were mostly executed on turnkey basis. The factory consisted of advance machines e.g. Seasoning Plant, Band Saw Machines, Tensioning Machines, Circular Dimension Saw, Plainer, Moulding Machine, Hydraulic Press, Lathe Machine, Drill Machine, Surface Thicknesses and Lamination Press Machine. Under her Supervision the company diversified from making panel doors and windows to excellent quality Furniture and executed a number of Projects on Turnkey Basis. In her own words Payal Kapoor says “After putting my efforts, I felt that my creativity and identity as an Interior Designer was being encroached upon. Hence, I decided to launch my own in 1991 and launched my own design firm by the name of “Visions”. Thus, began the process of institutionalization of her Design Genius.”


It is so confusing... isn't it ???

finding right design that suits your property or even finding right interior designer for that matter !!!

You are searching for : 

  • what interior design will look great for my property ?
  • what theme will look great ?
  • what style will be more attractive Modern ? or antique ? or contemporary or futuristic one? 
  • will it be worth the cost i would pay?
  • will it look good all together ?
  • which interior designer to select, which designer firm or company ? 

while searching right interior designer, going through options for interior theme, furniture types, color combinations, company profiles… It was so confusing to choose right one from so many and this is especially confusing when most of your options for designers says the almost the same thing... that is we offer best interior design within your budget and as per your preference...



we believe it is important responsibility of interior designer:

  • to understand the expectation from interior design of the property
  • take the ideas about what a great interior design means to you from your perspective
  • understand the character and pluses / minuses of the property
  • and by applying the experience and trained brains to create the “world class interior” that you just cannot love enough.. 

and The best way to achieve this mater piece interior design for your property into reality is asking questions !!! “a lot of questions”!!! This is what makes your first visit with interior designer so important.

site visit interior success alignment          meeting for interior success alignment

If you are working with an experienced interior designer you can expect a lot of questions that help him get the exact outcome that you are looking from your design.

questions before interior design

Questions like: 

  • Number of people going to live in the home?
  • How many guests you want to fit in your home?
  • How is the routine life?
  • What part of home is used for which purpose?
  • How you move in the home?
  • How often friends, relative visit? How many?
  • How you spend your holidays?
  • For whom is the space being designed?
  • What activities will take place there?
  • How long do you plan to occupy the space?
  • What is your time frame?
  • What is your budget?
  • What image do you want to project? what message you want to convey from your interior design 

Answers to such questions help in designing the right interior that fulfill majority of your expectations !!!

creating a remarkable interior design for client every single time

Doing a world class interior design of a property within a shortest possible time and in client's budget requires collection of Super business systems acting together for saving a lot of: 

  • Time
  • Efforts and rework
  • and ultimately costs for the client 

 It takes years of experience a trained eye for design and ability to mix creativity with clients expectation from the property… At interior success alignment this is what we are doing and that’s what makes us the best interior designer in India !!! 

Payal Kapoor

Principal Designer at Delhi Interior success alignment
one of the best interior designer in India, Award winning interior designer in Delhi. From 30+ years Ms. Payal kapoor is making clients Homes and Workplaces just remarkable!!!

Winner of many national and international awards for her work and having featured in many TV programs, news as a chief guest. she is one of the well known celebrity from interior design world.

500+ clients ranging from home and flat designs, commercial and corporate offices to designing of "palace on wheels" train along with some landmark places in India

featured in many magazines, news and on zee business for her work.

is well known for Speed of completing design projects Systematically. Her specialty is involving at structural stage for making appropriate design oriented suggestions to get best out of property.

1 : Meeting client ( understand expectations from home / office)
2 : Software simulation models of interior designs (get approval)
3 : Implementation of project with personal and professional touch
4 : You get your dream place for business that stays in budget and exceeds your expectations.

to schedule a site visit and appointment slot contact +91 8956523322
Payal Kapoor

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