Farm house and bungalow interior designer

Farm house and bungalow interior designer

The right bait for farmhouse

  • Right interior design for family member
  • Timelyness
  • It’s your time to be yourself !!!

Farm house: your time to be “real You”

Farm house: your time to be “ Yourself ”

We all are different, different choices, different preferences

The word joy and excitement also has different meaning to each of us…

but in life how many places are there where you can be “absolute Yourself” ??

no work pressures, no obligations or, No social burdens or limitations…

how many paces are there where you can be … Just You !!! original you…

we know the one such place for sure : your farm house

your farm house is one of such place for sure !!!


Your farmhouse is the place where you can be “Yourself”

Farmhouse is the place where you can spend time being yourself

We are all different. Aren’t we?

When we talk about having FUN, and spending quality time…

Some of us like to

  • read in spare time
  • play with kids
  • swimming
  • relaxing
  • family get together
  • partying

so, what is farm house really ?

what an ideal farm house should provide you ?


yes.. it’s a second home and it’s a place where you spend weekends or holidays…

but the main thing what makes a farmhouse successful for a family is

it allows each member of your family to be themselves and spend a quality time !!!

life is busy these days, how many places left where you can be yourself ? a real you ?

  • a real you may love to just relax in the bed after waking up in the morning and do nothing but just enjoy watching favorite shows and movies while relaxing with family for entire day
  • or a real you may be a Reader, who just love to read in free time and just love the environment for reading… un interrupted, peaceful and comfortable environment you can ever get… days spent with family reading favorite books
  • real you may love walking on lawn and play with kids and family members…
  • real you may love to relax in Jacuzzi, and warm water in bath tub, for hours and listen to favorite music

how many more variations of you waiting for expressing “Real you…”

when we design your farmhouse considering all these aspects of your personality and preferences of family members…

this is what makes a farmhouse a successful place !!! where you will always look forward to spend as much time as possible…

  • play area for kids
  • reading room
  • discussion and relaxing place for entire family
  • party and dinner area
  • campfire area
  • swimming pool
  • kitchen area for your cooking hobby
  • relaxing chairs on terrace open to sky…

and so much more… can be there in your farm house … as per your preferences and favorites

when designed in right way…

your Farm house can bring so many happy moments for you and your family…


A relaxed weekend stay at your farmhouse should give you enough peace of mind and energy… to work for a month in daily stressful routine life…



and it need not be expensive to be effective:

Section for expensive does not guarantee effective

Cost is important factor

 of course, But compare the feeling / pride of owning a property with a winning interior design and just an ordinary interior design that no one even recognize…

High costs does not always guarantee the best interior design for your property!!!


Tell me honestly, how many places you visited, where it is clear that owner of the home has invested huge sums of money in doing interior and purchasing really expensive accessories BUT it just doesn’t look good together… and fails to create that wow effect

Ask yourself, how many places, offices, shops you visited where you can see the owner have spent a lot of money on every aspect of the business but…

Somehow it does not look good together and fails to produce the right image of your business in minds of the (visitor) client.

As you might have heard about this many times before;

In the world of interior design a some or similar looking item like a door knob, or a lighting system or a wall piece Can be of Rs. 500 also and Rs. 30,000 also which look almost same !!!


It is not about the cost you pay… and “expensive doesn’t always guarantee the best interior design”

Then what creates a winning interior design that everyone loves??

  • Its about art and the science to read your property, its character, specialties and limitations
  • The wisdom and experience that decides what will make this property look world class
  • What colors, what shades
  • Which furniture what size and proportion
  • At which place and location in the property
  • How many lights, where to place lights, type of lights

It is like a perfect recipe

It is combination of all seemingly minor details that creates huge difference !!! which decides if the interior designer would be a winning or losing one.

It comes from wisdom and experience of an expert interior designer !!!



At interior success alignment,

We have built a system to produce near perfect interior design for your shops, showrooms and commercial properties. That creates the correct impression in minds of your client every single time.

Here is a short review of how we achieve this…

  • Primary meeting : understand you and your business / brand and business image expectations
  • Questions, discussion and interview: with your and if possible your best clients as well
  • Creating outline of business impression to be produced by right interior design
  • Choosing winning combinations of: colors, shades and all the elements that contribute to creating a world class interior design
  • Selections
  • Software versions of design
  • Finalizing theme and plan
  • Initiating the project
  • (regular project life cycle)
  • What you can expect in first visit with our interior design specialist !!!



If done by expert interior designer specializing in Farmhouse designs…

Your Farmhouse would be the best gift you can give to your family members !!!

As the best gift in the world is a quality time given to some one…

“You can get back the money spent but you can not get even a minute of Time back with whatever amount of money!!!”


We at interior success alignment, specialize in making your farmhouse stay so special… that you would hardly plan to spend your free time anywhere else…and you would always look forward to come back to this place… on every opportunity possible…to spend most quality time with your loved once…

A place to be “real you…”


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