How to hire right interior designer for your home or office design

How to hire right interior designer for your property

So... you are sure to go for hiring a professional interior designer for your property!!!

If not , and if you are still confused whether you would end up saving few thousands by designing your office / home on your own (without help of an expert interior designer) you need to read section on do I really need to hire interior designer for my home or office design ? 

You are excited to decorate, design your own home / office... and you start with internet research finding right things that may fit your property. You start downloading photos, color combinations, themes and furniture items .... and ...

 and there comes "The moment" !!!

The moment... when you realize that doing interior for your home or office is much complex than selecting designs and choosing photos from the internet. and when you are doing it on your own, you are sure to face a problem:

There are just way too many options !!!  

too many options for interior designs

It is natural to initially think that designing your property would be easy: but there are hundreds and  thousands (way too many options) in selecting: 

  • Colors
  • Shades
  • lighting types, illumination and quantity
  • Carpets size, texture and color
  • Fabric
  • Wall pieces
  • Furniture type, size, scale and proportion
  • Design units, etc…

Each of this is having thousands of shapes, sizes, proportions, colors,  material quality and costs !!!  How will you choose? each design element...? and how will you know if it will look good together ?  

It is over whelming to someone new to the field of designing and trying to do it on his/ her own. Even if you managed to select through the thousands of options, there would be next set of problems like: 

  • Interior items that look fabulous in shops and malls (as an individual item) would not suit the theme of your home and will look like odd man out
  • And some minor things (like specific shades or some light effects) would take your interior to next level when used correctly, that will apparently look so subtle and irrelevant to a untrained eyes… how will you choose them? without help from professional? 
World class interior design takes much more than common sense 

Designing perfect interior is a specialized skill… requiring years of experience...

It is an art as well as a science!!! Although it may look misleadingly easy and doable on the surface, when you are designing your home on your own; it is hard to match the minute details and quality of interior design, the expertise level and experience applied by professional in designing interior. 

It is over whelming to someone new to the field of designing and trying to do it on his/ her own.

Now, when you decide to go for the professional help: 

Out of hundreds of interior designers and firms in your city, how will you select the right one who can do the remarkable interior design of my property ? and that too at best possible costs ???

Selection process for right interior designer in for your project may turn out to be more complex than you would initially imagine. 

Most interior designer websites sound similar and it is difficult to differentiate interior design firms which are relevant to your project

This problem is more intense for property owners who are searching for a good interior designer and not specifically knowing what to look for

In other words, they are not really clear about the project requirement and their expectation from the design of their property. reach our section on how to be prepared and get best from your meeting with interior designer 

Selecting a right interior designer is significantly expensive decision that you are going to make and you would not want to be making mistakes in it. An interior designer charges anything from $200 to $500 per hour. Hence it is wise to be prepared.

You can also read guideline on Saving cost when working with experienced interior designer 

How to prepare for selecting best interior designer at affordable cost

Here is how you need to be prepared for selecting right interior designer to get World class interior design at affordable cost.

 Be very clear on what you expect from interior design:

it is such an important thing to be 100% clear on what exactly you are expecting from the interior design of your property (home or office). Read our section on how to be prepared to get most out of an interior designer and to understand the importance on getting clear with the project requirement.

When we are saying being 100% clear and being prepared, it means you have created a design requirement proposal. This includes, 

  • your preferred style and theme of interior design for your property
  • pictures and videos of designs you like
  • any specific functional expectations from rooms or areas
  • color preferences if any
  • design objects and decorative element preference if any
  • any other information that will help designer understand your choice and taste

preparing for interior design

Create a brief: description for your preferences of interior design and add above mentioned files in a folder.

Ideally, the project requirement description should be covering all the expectations and with relevant attachment from folder such that any designer should be able to get a fair idea about what exactly you are looking for just by reading the requirement description and referring to folder with other supporting files like photos and videos.

This step alone will save you significant time and cost for the interior design of your home or office!!! This will also avoid costly and frustrating reworks and corrections… ( Which generally happens in case of clients who are not clear with their requirement)

So, be prepared and keep your project requirement folder ready is the first and really important step is selecting right interior designer

 Things to Consider for selecting right interior designer 

 As you might have guessed, Good reputation and experience in dealing with interior design projects of your type is the main factor you should be considering before finalizing the interior designer. and there are few more important factors needed to be considered before short listing interior designer firms from your city. 

  • Check the interior designer’s education, training, experience, professional affiliations and other credentials like registration.
  • Ask about other services the designer can provide and what can be done to help you optimize the cost of the project.
  • Discuss project duration or deadlines and designer’s availability for taking on the project within the desired time.
  • Establish parameters for updates and on-going communication between you and the interior designer.
  • Discuss the designer’s fee structure and stages of payments to be done. 

Does interior designer have experience in your type of projects?

This is for obvious reasons like familiarity with the type of property and using the wisdom developed from working on earlier projects. So your project type would not be completely new for the interior design firm

Short listing calls to designers:

If the list of shortlisted interior designers is longer and you are unable to distinguish between them with the help of their online profiles it’s better to further shortlist them by scheduling a short phone call (5 to 10 minutes).

The some of the things to discuss on call would be: 

  • systems or process they follow for taking new client requirement to finished interior design
  • cost estimate for proceeding with your design requirement
  • what in included and what is not included in the cost estimate shared 

Ask for previous work (earlier design projects they complete) from same type of property:

The previous work reveals too many things about quality of designs, theme preferences, styles and finishing. You can visualize your end results comparing to previous work shared by the interior designer in communication.

How is your comfort level when communicating with the interior designer?

This is to be decided on more of a gut feeling but nevertheless this is still important factor in selecting right interior designer to work on your home / office. 

Have your own thoughts and opinion and trust on your gut feeling as once selected, you are likely to work with him for days to come.

Are Contracts Important?

contract with interior designer

Contracts are very important because they allow both you and the designer to define the scope of your project. A contract allows you to specify who will be responsible for what, how long the project will last and what the budget limits will be. It is in your best interest to have a signed contract before any work begins or any money is exchanged.

You can also read how interior designer charge their fees? and how to select right payment model. and when short listed interior designers send the quotation or give the total estimated cost of completion of the project. 

The next question would be out of all the quotations received which one to choose? the lowest quoted price or highest quoted price for completion of interior design? 

The guideline about making decision based on Interior designer charges, is given in our section shall I go for most expensive interior designer or most economic one? 

a site visit to your property by expert interior designer and layout design plan for your interior with absolutely No cost !!! 

site visit interior success alignment      Layout design for interior design

we are doing almost 30% of the steps in completing an interior design of your property at absolutely free of cost !!! that’s how sure we are about our world class interior designing capability…

floor plan for interior design is almost 30% of the steps in completing an interior design of your property at absolutely free of cost !!! 

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