Interior design mistakes you should avoid Guideline that saves thousands of rupees

Interior design mistakes you should avoid

Here are the Interior design mistakes you should avoid, compiled by experts based on research :

Read this section complete and save thousands of rupees by avoiding these Interior design mistakes when designing your home or workplace. 

The impulse buying of furniture or decoration items

interior design mistakes of furniture

This is when you buy something from store (like a furniture piece or a painting or other decoration item) that you instantly liked in the display and you think it will look perfect in your home… But when it is actually installed in the room, you realize buying it on impulse was a mistake and you are disappointed with the decision. This is one of the common Interior design mistakes we observe.

The primary reason behind this is most people do not understand that a good interior designing is a specialized skill and requires very keen and knowledgeable eye and years of experience.

Anything you came across in market that you liked would not necessarily look good in your home.

Only one day to buy everything

interior design mistakes of buying furniture in one day

Your home is not built in a day similarly designing the interior of the home deserves much more time than few hours spent to purchase design elements. 

The interior design of your home is not something to get done with quickly, it doesn’t really help to buy everything at one shot in a single day. You tend to make some mistakes due to lack of appropriate time allocation in selecting the right design elements for the rooms. You should take a step by step approach and do one thing at a time with full attention and selecting from all possible options.

A great interior design is built a step at a time by carefully selecting each element and not rushing through everything in single day !!!  

The right Scale for Interior Design


This is the most common Interior design mistakes you should avoid. that is using furniture and other decoration items that are either too small or too big compared to size of room or office.

It requires a talent and training to identify the right scaled and right proportion of design elements that will look good in the given property. There are 2 most common way you can go wrong here:

  • You may end up stuffing too many small things in the room and making it cluttered
  • In another case you may put too many big items in to a room and make it look cramped 
 The proportion and scale is the key to interior design success !!!

If you need single most important reason why you should hire and interior designer and not do it on your own, that reason would be “the proportion and the scale of the interior design”. It is such an important factor that it can make or break a good design for your property. Scale is the hardest interior design trick to accomplish.

Appropriate furniture in the room

furniture interior design

The Furniture of a room has following important functions to achieve: 

  • It fills the empty space with right furniture element
  • It enhances the looks of the room
  • It adds desired functionality 
The most common mistake with furnishing is over furnishing !!!

Generally when it comes to ideal furnishing “Less is more” stands true. Overly furnished rooms not only make your room seem smaller than it is, but can also make it hard to maneuver around.

Your furniture should fill your space and create a space that is both appealing as well as functional. There should be enough space in the room to create movement and flow. A room should never look and feel cramped. If it does, try moving or removing one piece to see if this helps.

It always helps to build a layout plan with measurements and buy furniture elements with the guidance from expert interior designer.

 Proper Lighting as per space and room 


Lighting is the single most component that can lift the whole interior design of room to next level, if done right. There is some art and science behind selecting the properties of light to use at particular place like: 

  • The type of light source
  • The illumination required
  • The color or combination of colors
  • The pattern of light 

The lighting system is the single most important component in beautifully designed homes / offices. Avoid mistake of lighting home with poor illumination or even irritating bright illumination lights. if an expert advice is needed on anything? its for lighting system for interior design. 

The right lighting system magically uplift the environment of the room and creates the wow effect

Your space should have as much natural lighting as possible.  Do not block natural light sources with poorly placed curtains and accessories. Different types of lights add special effects to your space depending on height, intensity and light source:

  • Accent lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting
  • Floor Lamp
  • Desk Lamp
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Track Lights
  • Wall lights
  • Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is a way of adding style and drama to your home. This will help you illuminate the pieces you want on display, while shadowing dull areas.

Right sequence of selection of fabric and selection paint

fabric and paint for interior design

This is another important Interior design mistakes you should avoid, Selecting the fabric before selecting the paint for interior should be preferred as it is easier to select preferred fabric and then select color shades that complement the fabric than the other way around.

The right sequence is,

Step 1: Choose Fabrics, curtains and Furniture 

Step 2: choose the appropriate color ans shades that suits step 1

This is for obvious reasons that there is a seemingly endless list of paint colors, so it will be much easier to match a paint to your sofa, furniture and fabrics than the other way around. 

always choose your fabrics and furniture before you pick a wall color. 

Existing Collection Management

We all have such collection of antique items, gifts, medals and this we want to keep in collection. When it comes to management of these collection items along with the new interior the most common Interior design mistakes is spreading the old collection items everywhere… in each room.

Ideally what you should be doing is arrange the collection in single place and offer appropriate place for exposure of it in such a way that it does not interfere the interior design of the room.

Arrange your collections properly, Scattering them throughout the home is a big decorating mistake

Excess small decoration items

This mistake will best be avoided by hiring an experienced interior designer, as he would be knowing

the best interior designs are not about nothing left to add in the room but rather nothing can be take out from the room.

The perfect interior designing is an art, get a designers advice before buying too many small decoration items as they will most likely be interrupting the good design than adding value to it.

Avoiding mix and match

mix and match interior design

Most people pick pieces that match due to the fact that they lack the confidence in creating a space that has personality and a coordinated look. so as a result everything in the room is matching... that most often looks monotonous and boring.

Let your interior illustrate your personality by mixing in pieces you truly love and want to live with. You do not need all pieces in the same color to look good.

Picking wall colors quickly

People have a tendency to rush out and pick wall colors without considering all the other elements in the space. Don’t pick a paint color without considering all the other elements that will go into your space. 

Once you have picked a color, test it out. Paint your sample on a piece of foam core board and look at it in different locations in the room and at different times of the day.

Paint is the last thing you pick but the first you apply.

Using too many colors and contrasts

you can make this mistake too. Using way too many colors and contrasts. The result is a visually disorienting space that people are not comfortable in.  Limit the colors you use.

Experiment with various shades of the same basic color. This can still create interesting and dramatic effects. 

Don’t do cheap. If you can’t afford it, wait. You will end up saving money because when you invest in high-quality goods, you won’t have to replace it.

interior design mistakes are best avoided by using wisdom of experienced  interior designer

When you decide to do interior design of your property, you might be having preferences like:

  • you want best possible interior design for your home or office ( no compromise here)
  • the interior should complete in quickest time possible
  • And it should be done at most economic costs and within budget 

Now, achieving these 3 things and creating a remarkable interior design doesn't happen by chance or trial and error… Most design mistakes mentioned above are because of inexperience of interior designer or doing it yourself !!!

these 3 things are best achieved by business Systems specially designed to create a remarkable interior design for client every single time !!!

Doing a world class interior design of a property within a shortest possible time and in client's budget requires collection of Super business systems acting together for saving a lot of: 

  • Time
  • Efforts and rework
  • and ultimately costs for the client 
 It takes years of experience a trained eye for design and ability to mix creativity with clients expectation from the property… At… Interior success alignment this is what we are doing in many cities world wide now… and that’s what makes us the best interior designer in India !!! 

a site visit to your property by expert interior designer and layout design plan for your interior with absolutely No cost !!! 

site visit interior success alignment    Layout design for interior design

we are doing almost 30% of the steps in completing an interior design of your property at absolutely free of cost !!! that’s how sure we are about our world class interior designing capability…

floor plan for interior design is almost 30% of the steps in completing an interior design of your property at absolutely free of cost !!! 

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