Steps and Procedure we follow that makes a perfect interior design

Steps and Procedure that makes a perfect interior design

we observed, most of the people having interior design requirement have important preferences like:

  • you want best possible interior design for your home or office ( no compromise here)
  • the interior should complete in quickest time possible
  • And it should be done at most economic costs and within budget 

Now, achieving these 3 things and creating a remarkable interior design doesn't happen by chance or trial and error… This is achieved by business Systems specially designed to create a remarkable interior design for client every single time !!!

Doing a world class interior design of a property within a shortest possible time and in client's budget requires collection of Super business systems acting together for saving a lot of: 

  • Time
  • Efforts and rework
  • and ultimately costs for the client 

to give you an idea let’s see and example property we designed...

Step 1: we receive your inquiry on email or a phone call

This is first time you would be communicating to an interior designer so obviously project requirements, budget, location, timelines and expectations would be discussed on call and the site visit would be scheduled as per convenience. check our guideline on what happens in primary meeting and how to get best out of site visit by interior designer in first meeting

Step 2: site visit to your property 

After initial discussion on call or interior design experts come for site visit. Site visit is important step :

  • to understand the expectation from interior design of the property
  • take the ideas about what a great interior design means to you from your perspective
  • understand the character and pluses / minuses of the property
  • and by applying the experience and trained brains to create the “world class interior” 

and The best way to achieve this mater piece interior design for your property into reality is asking questions !!! “a lot of questions”!!! 

  site visit interior success alignment          

on site visit with interior designer you can expect a lot of questions that help him get the exact outcome that you are looking from your design.

      questions before interior design   

Questions like: 

  • Number of people going to live in the home?
  • How many guests you want to fit in your home?
  • How is the routine life?
  • What part of home is used for which purpose?
  • How you move in the home?
  • How often friends, relative visit? How many?
  • How you spend your holidays?
  • For whom is the space being designed?
  • What activities will take place there?
  • How long do you plan to occupy the space?
  • What is your time frame?
  • What is your budget?
  • What image do you want to project? what message you want to convey from your interior design 

Answers to such questions help in designing the right interior that fulfill majority of your expectations !!! We designed a guideline for our clients for guiding on how to be prepared for the first visit with the interior designer and how to get best value from it

 Step 3: Understand expectations from your eyes 

Our team of designers will have a detailed discussion with you about expectation from interior design and take photos and videos of your property… to design floor plan.

You can expect

  • a detailed review of your home,
  • lot of questions related to routine usage
  • the type of interior design that appeals to you
  • expectations from each area element of property

In short, it is an effort to understand “What a 100% successful interior looks like” from your eyes !!

 Step 4: Floor plan design 

Layout design for interior design

This step is the basis of entire interior design to follow. The floor plan is an efficient furniture plan with appropriately scaled furniture as per the dimensions and theme of the room. In general you will be given, multiple floor plan options to choose from with mention of pros and cons of particular floor plan. we share the rough layout plan and rough draft of design ideas in 2-3 days and discuss it on call.

we are doing almost 30% of the steps in completing an interior design of your property at absolutely free of cost !!! that’s how sure we are about our world class interior designing capability…

You take decision : to select us for interior design 

  • If you like what you seen till now, you would select us for doing interior design project
  • On further discussion with you and visits to your property we create final version of layout plan
  • observing and visiting completed projects to see if you want to include any of the idea in your design

 Step 5: the cost and estimate for interior design 

In this stage based on earlier discussions and information collected an approximate cost estimate for completion of your interior design is provided and along with the selection of right floor plan, design theme you confirm the project and choose to proceed.

check our guideline cost and fees of interior designer and how to save costs when working with experienced interior designer 

 Step 6: The contract or agreement 

contract with interior designer

The agreement (contract)

“The agreement” plays an important role here to ensure what you expect and what you get is 100% same. The interior designer also will make sure that all expectations and agreed terms will be there in the agreement like (color selection, budget for furniture, theme of interior design etc.) The agreement or contract will protect both you and the interior designer with regards to the terms, costs and timelines for the interior design of your property.

Once you decide that we are the right interior design firm for you, we will need to formalize our engagement. This will require a letter of agreement to be signed, along with the payment of a retainer fee (if applicable).

 Step 7: detailed site visit 

Up on confirmation of the project, a detailed measurements, mapping of elements photos and videos taken by experts to prepare a software version of design to be finalized and approved by you. We may need to have independent measurements by subcontractors (if applicable) to be able to budget and estimate the project with accuracy.

 Step 8: The interior design plan 

This step includes multiple factors like 

  • layout planning,
  • the traffic and space planning,
  • colors and theme selection
  • furniture selection
  • decoration items
  • material and fabric selection 

You can expect multiple to and fro communication from interior designer (preferably on call and email) to best suit your preferences.

 Step 9: Software Simulation and virtual walk through

software version of interior design

The software simulation can really help in getting exact idea about how your Home (project) would look after finally done with interior designing. The software can show images and virtual walk around with the interior designing ideas. Analyzing the software simulations and images before making the final decision would be convenient to both you and the designer.

The software simulation really has great advantage as you can change the plan, color, theme etc, based on simulation itself, thus saving you lots of time and rework for modification. 

 Step 10: Implementation of interior design 

All tasks and deliverables are tracked closely to keep the project on track.

Implementation of design at your home / property, this is where a systematic approach comes to the rescue and implements the interior design at lightning speed. Systems designed for performing specific tasks in effective and timely manner takes the time-delay factor away from the equation. It gets completed well within time. This is where we really shine!!!

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

 Step 11:  Review and touch up 

This is proud moment for us, where we review entire work with you. This is the moment that makes all of our efforts worthwhile... Your smile with pride upon seeing the superb interior design!! However, it takes few rounds of touch-up and rectification of errors (if any) to get near perfect interior design for your place of dreams… The place where you will look forward to spend as much time as possible!!!

The implementation is done as per finalized software versions of interior design plan and it is improved with clients input and suggestions. We take a final walk with client to see if any corrections required… And our client gets a place of your dreams where they look forward to spend as much time as possible!!!

 This systematic approach saves a lot of time and money for our clients and creates magical interior designs that client just loves and could not believe that it was made possible on such a low costs !!!

7 Steps to Interior design success every single time

Step 1:  Understanding your property and your expectations from design 

  • our team understands the area to be interior designed and location
  • we take note of clients social status, lifestyle and budget
  • we particularly understanding your needs and expectations from interior design

Step 2: Initial Concept and Layout plan design 

  • Take measurement at site or referring to the architectural drawings received
  • Taking in to consideration your vision of the interior design.
  • prepare initial layout with concept presentation
  • Showing our previous work as a presentation 

we are doing almost 30% of the steps in completing an interior design of your property at absolutely free of cost !!! that’s how sure we are about our world class interior designing capability…

Step 3: You take decision : to select us for interior design 

  • If you like what you seen till now, you would select us for doing interior design project
  • On further discussion with you and visits to your property we create final version of layout plan
  • observing and visiting completed projects to see if you want to include any of the idea in your design

Step 4:  Software version and simulation of design (optional)  

  • if you are not sure about how selected theme and design would look… we create software simulation of design for your property
  • we could be saving a lot of rework and costs if you need to make changes in your preference
  • once everything is finalized we move to execution of the project

Step 5: Implementing design : Execution of work

  • hire relevant contractors, guide and monitor them till the completion of the project 
  • Preparing initial drawings for commencing work and Prepare necessary drawings for execution
  • Visiting site for work inspection, guidance and correction
  • Meeting with client on site to understand their final requirements
  • Certify bills of various contractors and recommend client for payment

Step 6: Interior design and decoration item selection 

  • Purchasing required decoration and design items like furniture, fabric, wall pieces, etc..
  • selection of color shades, curtains, lighting systems etc
  • Auditing all contractors work and correcting errors if any

Step 7: Welcome to your place of dreams

  • Final inspection for satisfactory execution of all work.
  • Certifying final bills of all contractors
  • Handover your dream place to you. a place where you look forward to spend as much time as possible

We adjust our speed and focus as per project and client’s requirement such that you always get best possible ROI for your investment!!! And it doesn’t have to be expensive to be a great design!!! 

A great interior design that you must have seen some where, in photos or videos on internet and taken as inspiration for your property… such designs doesn't happen by chance or trial and error from an inexperienced designer…!!!

 It takes years of experience a trained eye for design and ability to mix creativity with clients expectation from the property…  and that’s what makes us the best interior design firm in India !!! 


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Interior success alignment

Interior success alignment

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We adjust our speed and focus as per your requirement such that you always get best possible ROI for your investment

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